Why come to Bicon?

BiCon means so much to so many people. No one could say it any better than those who go – so these are their words, taken from contributions to the BiCon LiveJournal Community and other sources at bicon.org.uk.

Seven reasons to come to BiCon

  1. BiCon is whatever you make it
    “Some people wanted to stay up partying all night, others were there for discussions on political activism. Some wanted lots of sex and some were happy to have a good chat over a cup of tea and an early night. Some went to the bar in elaborate outfits; others turned up in jeans and T-shirts.”
  2. You’ll feel totally accepted
    “My absolute favourite thing about BiCon has always been the totally accepting atmosphere. I felt so at home, safe and able to be myself, despite being surrounded by strangers.”
  3. You’ll meet awesome people…
    “I had piles of fun at BiCon – thanks for all the company, hugs, great workshops, good conversations and general awesome company you provided.”
  4. … who’ve come from far and wide
    “Too much that was lovely over the weekend to name it all, but I was particularly impressed with the attendance and number of countries everyone came from.”
  5. You can be true to yourself
    “I had been wondering just what we had let ourselves in for… realising by the end of the weekend that I did fit in, exactly how I was, and that all that mattered was being true to myself.”
  6. You’ll want to go every year…
    “It was ace to see old friends and really cool to see some more of new friends! Same again next year?”
  7. … because it might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to you
    “BiCon has been a life-changing experience for many of us. Going has certainly been one of the best things that has ever happened to me.”