BiCon Anti-Racism Review 2020 – Thanks from Jennifer

Thanks to…

Titilayo of the Anti-Racist Educator collective, who was the "trusted listener" for PoC giving input, and gave me good advice through the ups and downs of the review process.

Asha, who was a key connection with the Bi's of Colour group as well as giving insights from her own experience of BiCon.

Jacq, Nila, J and @Angreebindii, for their eloquent words on the Bi's of Colour blog in 2017 & 2020.

The bi people of colour who chose to remain anonymous, who generously entrusted us with their words.

The bi people of colour whose choice not to participate also spoke loudly.

Shiri, who intervened part way through the review process to point out that we ought to be offering to pay all our PoC contributors (i.e. as well as paying Titi).

Rowan, who sourced the money enabling us to have live captioning at the meeting, as well as helping to put together the backstory.

Natalya, for all the writing on code of conduct processes.

AC, who brought the motion to BiCon 2019, and Blake, who in 2020, insisted that the commitment to have a review not be forgotten.

Fred, who co-chaired the review meeting (along with Titi) and helped to shape it.

Kate, who did various pieces of essential admin, including running the Zoom software at the meeting.

Jen Sinnamon, who did the live captioning, and Clare and Keara at MyClearText.

The Equality Network, who funded the captioning to make our meeting more accessible.

Elizabeth and the other Trustees at BiCon Continuity, who agreed the money for contributors of colour.

Everyone who came to the meeting on 22 November.

Everyone else who gave us encouragement or bits of history or practical help!

Any omissions or other mistakes in the write-up are my responsibility, and you're welcome to get in touch if you've noticed one: jennifer at