Demographics Results

10 easy demographics questions we could graph – here you go:


Image description: a multi-coloured circular (pie) chart. The largest area is yellow and is labeled “Bisexual 78%”. There are then smaller wedges – orange for “Asexual 5%”, dark blue for “Aromantic 3%”, lime green for “Queer 3%”, dark green for “Pansexual 5%”, light blue for “Panromantic 3”, maroon for “Gray-asexual 3%”, and finally grass green for “Demisexual 3%”.













Image description: a multi-coloured circular (pie) chart. One quarter of it is light blue and labelled “physical 25%”. There are then smaller wedges – dark green for “sight 4%”, dark blue for “autism 14%”, orange for “hearing 4%”, yellow for “learning 10%”, grass green for “mental health 10%”, and finally maroon for “none 24%”.



Image description: a multi-colour circular (pie) chart. One third of it is in light blue and labeled “white British 33%” and just under a third is maroon and labeled “white 31%”. There are then smaller wedges – grass green for “Latin American 3%”, yellow for “Black Caribbean 3%”, dark orange for “Black British 3%”, dark blue for “Asian/Chinese 3%”, light orange for “white Scottish 6%”, purple for “white Jewish 6%”, lime green for “white Irish 6%”, and finally dark green for “white European 8%”.





Some general comments from the 36 people who filled in the demographics survey:

  1. If you have any comments or feedback about accessibility and support please put them here (general comments only nothing identifying).
    – there's a general theme that access was better as the event was online this year and so more people could attend who normally couldn't as they were housebound or carers
    – more captioning would be great, but it's understood about how expensive it is
    – some people found zoom difficult for access reasons but understood that 2020 was a bit limited in options we could use at short notice
  2. Anything else to tell us?
    – Lots of thanks (thank you!)
    – a hope for future bicons to have zoom or online streams to help people attend.
  3. Other comments about access and equalities at bicon 2020?
    – some found it hard to book onto  workshops as they were taken up in advance and they didn't understand how to book on – more sessions were needed or more presenters so the sessions could be duplicated
    – more inclusivity for BIPOC asked for, code of conduct asked for to be zero tolerance to racist words or behaviour
    – continue anti racism training