What's on?


This year we are going to have programme items on Zoom and Discord and we need people to run some sessions.

Sessions will be running from 10am- 5pm with evening entertainment starting at 7pm on Thursday and 8pm on Friday and Saturday.

Sessions at BiCon are run by attendees.

If you would like to run a session please have a think about how you would run it, does it need to be done on camera, is just voice chat possible? Let us know which system you would like to use so we can create a schedule. Send your session emails to Sessions20@bicon.org.uk

There will be 2 or 3 sessions per slot and codes and details for these will be sent out to people that have booked tickets to BiCon.

Some of the sessions we have planned already are:

  • Bi, Poly and married
  • Beard enhancement
  • Bdsm on a budget
  • Craft along
  • Bi activism you can do from home
  • Introduction to wax play
  • Non Binary safe space


Previous sessions that could work online:

  • Survivors’ safe space
  • Morning meditation
  • How to negotiate safer sex
  • Poetry reading and writing
  • Polyamory and ethical non monogamy
  • Gender and Bisexuality
  • A-Z of Bisexuality
  • Spiritualist meditation
  • Stand up comedy for Beginners
  • Intimacy between men and more masculine people
  • Disability and sex
  • Bisexual asylum seekers
  • Non Binary gender 101
  • Mixed orientation relationships
  • Bisexuality and mental health services
  • Bisexual Humour
  • What makes us bi?
  • Who is an ally anyway?
  • Regenerating momentum for anti- racist work
  • Community organising
  • How to run a BiCon session
  • vegan/Vegetarian Bisexuals
  • Bi’s of Colour
  • Working class bi’s
  • Bi carers meet up
  • Bi parenting

BiCon online marketplace

A space for people to sell their Bi related products.

We normally have a marketplace at BiCon and we want to ensure this is still possible. If you want to sell your products here send an email to us along with some pictures, links to your online pages and details on how people can contact you to make purchases.